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4 Famous Cases of People Held Captive Against Their Will

4 Famous Cases of People Held Captive Against Their Will David and Louise Turpin, are being charged with torture and child endangerment for holding their 13 kids captive in their home. These are 3 other held captive cases that made national news: 1. Josef Fritzl For 24 years, Fritzl held his daughter Elisabeth captive in his home's basement, where he raped and assaulted her numerous times. He was later jailed for life in 2009. 2. Cleveland Kidnappings In 2002, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus were kidnapped by a man named Ariel Castro. The three were rescued in 2013 and he was sentenced to life without parole. He committed suicide in his cell in Sep. 2013. 3. Jaycee Dugard Dugard vanished in 1991 at the age of 11, when she was kidnapped by Phillip Garrido. Garrido and his wife Nancy held Dugard captive in a backyard shed for 18 years. She was raped and birthed two children by Garrido. After visit to UC Berkeley prompted an investigation, Dugard was found and freed by po

Source: Inform News

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